Friday, February 19, 2016

Pizza Night?

Don't let the picture fool you, Friday is pizza night.  That's when I get a break from slaving over a hot stove and furthermore, the dishes.

However, when your kid loves to help you cook (which really means slow you down but as parents we're compelled to encourage their curiosity anyway) I had to think of something. 

Bunches of fresh broccoli were in the crisper and therefore, the quick answer was soup.  It was an easy solution because it's done in a snap in my beloved dutch oven.

My baby has always participated with food prep in some way or another, but this was the first time he assisted in tearing the broccoli apart and cutting the stems.

I handled the saute portion of course, but then I let him stand on a stool over our stove in order to carefully drop the cruciferous chunks into the simmering pot for me.

I always envisioned doing this with a daughter, but any boy of mine will learn how to cook just the same and not rely on anyone else to eat, unless he wants to.  I like the idea of him hosting for the holidays and not having to pretend we enjoy his wife's cooking because he can opt to create the family feast.  But hey, if she's got skills too then it's a win/win.  It means a banquet for us all.

But I digress, a hot bowl was served within half an hour and it was a nice appetizer before we tore into the large pie with fresh garlic that arrived shortly thereafter.  The cheese was perfectly gooey and no apologies here for the fact that no matter how hearty any soup is, it got pushed to the side once we had our delivery.

Were we really talking about soup?

But seriously, when not competing with a slice, I like a simple broth as much as the cream based.  I'm just a big fan of them all, you too?

The great recipe used this time around is courtesy of Gimme Some Oven (I didn't have any carrots or Dijon and instead of using yellow cheddar, I used the white I already had shredded.  Looking forward to a re-do in the near future according to their instructions.)

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