Sunday, February 7, 2016

TRIED: Chicken Florentine

This dish was a lot of fun to make and my first attempt was with the recipe from the lovely I AM baker website.

So, I did not have fresh parsley (unfortunate) and in place of dry white wine, I had mostly vermouth and some cooking sherry.  I have no idea if this combination should be avoided, but it is what it is.  Next time, I will try it again with the proper ingredients in order to compare flavors.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed this meal a lot.   

For some reason, I really wanted this on a bed of rice although the recipe calls for the chicken to be placed on the spinach.  Instead, after I sauteed the spinach I chose to combine it with the chicken and sauce directly in the pan.
I baked a sweet potato and was also in the mood for a plum chopped tomato on the side. Guess that's a personal taste bud thing but I loved it, just like that, along with the sight of all those colors on my plate! (I will say that keeping the spinach separate is ideal for more creamy saucy goodness with the chicken so I'll follow the recipe appropriately on my second try.)   Maybe in the future I’ll have it with spaghetti but either way, I devoured every last bite! 

Are you a fan of Chicken Florentine?  What about creamed spinach and/or spinach dip in general?  I love both so I had a good feeling this would be an overall hit and it was.

This one is definitely going in my go-to category for quick and easy family meals.

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